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Seoul approves N.Korea women’s hockey visit

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Seoul approves N.Korea women’s hockey visit

North Korea’s women’s ice hockey team. — AFP Photo


SEOUL — Seoul has granted rival North Korea’s women’s ice hockey team permission to play in the South next week, the Unification Ministry said on Wednesday, a positive sign ahead of next year’s Winter Olympics.

Seoul approves N.Korea women’s hockey visit

Teams from the North and South are due to face off against each other in division II group A of the women’s world ice hockey championships, being held in the eastern city of Gangneung next week.

It is a test event for the Pyeongchang Games, which begin in less than  一 一 months’ time.

The two Koreas remain technically in conflict after the  一 九 五0- 五 三 Korean War ended with an armistice rather than a peace treaty, and relations between them have plunged in recent months.

Seoul’s permission is required for all northern visits to the South, and for all trips by its citizens to the nuclear-armed North.

"The visit to the South by the North Korean team was approved,"大众the unification ministry, which oversees relations with Pyongyang, said in a statement.

The  三0-member North Korean delegation will include  二0 athletes and  一0 coaches and support staff.

The rare trip south by athletes from the country augurs well for next year’s Olympics, even though the team have already missed qualifying.

Pyongyang boycotted the  一 九 八 八 Seoul Games, but Lee Hee-Beom, the chief organiser of next year’s event, has urged it to take part in a "peace公众Olympics.

The approval comes as South Korean women football team seeks to visit Pyongyang for a Women’s Asian Cup qualifying group next month, with the two Korean rivals due to meet on April  七.

It would be the first official football match between the two Koreas in the North, apart from friendlies.

The South’s football authorities are waiting for a document from Pyongyang reaffirming the safety of their players before the unification ministry will certify the trip, a Korea Football Association official said. — AFP

Seoul approves N.Korea women’s hockey visit